Roy Riggs – Recreating Our Natural Electromagnetic Environment

Roy first studied arboriculture at Newton Rigg Agricultural College Cumbria and spent his early life as a forester.  He then joined the police service; spending most of his 25 years service in the Soho district of London.

After retirement he undertook studies in the field of dowsing and geobiology in Germany with biophysicist Dr. Luger Mersmann and Adolf Packeiser a graduate from the Institute for Research in Geobiology.

Roy is also certified by the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology as an electromagnetic energy consultant.

He has had articles published in the Namaste magazine, The British Society of Dowsers quarterly journal and the University of Geology and Geography Vilnius Lithuania.

Following in his late father’s footsteps he has been a professional dowser-geobiologist for the last 12 years.