Statement of Accountability

During her talk at Get Wired 2015, Dr Elizabeth Evans advised concerned parents to ask those installing or running wireless networks in schools to sign a Statement of Accountability for any harm that may happen to children or staff from chronic exposure to WiFi.

The text for an example is enclosed below, with a download available in Word format here.

As Mike Mitcham explained during his talk, schools have a legal obligation to “ensure the health and safety of children in [their] care” under the provisions of the Children’s Act 1989, 17 (1).  This Act carries the force of law.

Statement of Accountability for Wireless Harm

Name (please print)  ________________________________________

Official position and/or title ___________________

Date: _________________

I confirm my belief that the wireless technology (WiFi) that has been proposed and approved for installation (or has been installed) in _________________________________ School is, in my informed opinion, safe for human health.

• I have been informed of the research indicating that serious biological harm can result from the radiation emitted from this kind of wireless communication system.

• I realize that the “safe levels” described in Health Protection Agency Code have been shown to cause significant damage to human cells.

• I am aware that the World Health Organization has listed non-ionizing radiation as a “class 2B possible carcinogen” under “External Agents” and risk factors for childhood cancer.

• I am aware that this wireless communication technology was never pre-market tested for safety; government safety standards are only based on exposure levels that cause ‘proven’ acute adverse health effects based on short-term tissue heating or electric shock. They are not set to protect against any long-term non-thermal effects of EMF exposure including behavioural problems,
concentration problems, dementia and cancer.

In light of the above, I remain confident that there are no significant health risks with this technology to any adult, child, or animals within _________________________ of this wireless system.    (Please state the proven safe distance)

If you have, or have seen, a signed assurance of the safety of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by your wireless internet technology (known as WiFi) from a medical expert with recognized expertise in the area of health effects of wireless communication systems, please list their names and credentials here:

The main reason(s) I have recommended that this installation be implemented (or continued) is: _______________________________________________________________________.

The main reason I do not advocate the fibre optic cable or other installation that has been suggested as a safer solution is

I verify that any adverse health effects at ____________________School attributed to this
WiFi will be covered by our insurance policy, provided by
_______________________________________________________ (insurance provider)

Signature __________________________

Witnessed by: _______________________________

International EMF Conference